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    Maggie McElwain

    Maggie McElwain

    August-December, 2001

    As Centro Medico's pioneer volunteers during the early days, Maggie and Alisa Kanfi slept on the clinic floor with only mosquito netting and a flashlight. Tough women. While volunteering, Maggie and Alisa went from village to village with a local nurse to conduct a women's health survey and help with the nurse perform pap smears.

    Since then, Maggie has returned multiple times to volunteer at Centro Medico, received a masters degree in public health From George Washington University and is now in medical school at Tulane University.

    Volunteer Blog: An Exerpt

    Blogs, blogs, blogs! What are we going to do with all of these Blogs?!

    posted by Mike September 8, 2007

    People are really starting to rave about my blogs. I'm even keeping my fingers crossed for some sponsors! Possibly from Fingers Crosserstm which is a global chain of restaurants where they serve finger foods and hang finger related things on the walls.

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    Featured Local Volunteer

    Ibania Justiano

    I am Ibania and am 19 years old. I am finishing my last year of high school. Every day I wake up early, go to school and then go to the clinic where I have been training for 5 years. At the clinic, I distribute medicine, check blood pressure and blood sugar levels and perform urine analyses and pregnancy tests. I want to go to medical school, specialize in gynecology and return to work at the clinic.

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